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Welcome to Sacred Mind & Body.

Just for you, we have created hemp oil infused products including Pain Balm and Pain Relief Lotion, using only the finest, all natural, high quality ingredients.
Take a look around, try our products, you won’t be disappointed.

About us

Sacred was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to natural, high quality products when it comes to caring for your body. Our products, including Pain Balm and Pain Relief Lotion, are 100% pure with nothing unnatural ever added and no rich nutrients ever taken away. Each product is created with essential oils and hemp oil, both offering healing effects.
We’ve invested years in developing our products that were created to make you feel like you can escape to the spa in your own home. Each and every one of our products not only promotes soft skin, but they also stimulate circulation, promote cellular regeneration, reduce inflammation, relax muscles and tease toxins out of your body. Those are just a few of the benefits our products offer.
Since the beginning, Sacred has been built on our two core values: purity of product and customer experience. Our belief in the highest quality possible is what differentiates our hemp oil products from similar THC free products on the market. Our unique selection of ingredients creates natural products that you will love and are conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.


What People Are Saying

I am a runner, very athletic, and participate in many Sports. I live with consistent leg and back pain, and have tried many different medications that have provided minimal pain relief. After trying Sacred epsom bath salts for about 15-20 minutes, I felt totally relaxed, the pain was gone, and I had a calming feeling throughout my body and mind.  Also, I rarely use moisturizer, but found my skin to be unbelievably soft and smooth. I did a lot of research as to why this remedy worked so well.  The Sacred product consists of pure essential oils and hemp. Hemp fights inflammation, which is the major cause of all anti-immune diseases. I am very skeptical about trying new products, however, the Sacred epsom salts worked amazingly well. I have also learned that due to the overwhelming success of Hemp, there will be additional products coming shortly. I encourage everyone to try them, as you will see the tremendous benefits yourself. Marty F

Sacred Customer

I have struggled with chronic back pain and neuralgia for  two years and eventually had to have surgery. Most medications give me short term relief. After trying Sacred bath salts , my body was relaxed and my inflammation was reduced significantly. I soak for about twenty minutes and I feel like all of the tension has been released and my pain is subsided. My skin is silky smooth and I don’t have to use moisturizer when I get out of the tub. My body and mind feel restored and I am able to get a break from constant pain! The combination of the Epsom salts, hemp, and essential oils is a triple winner for me. Lori M.

Sacred Customer

Using Sacred products has opened my eyes to the benefits of not only using natural hemp oil but other natural ingredients. After I soak in a tub filled with Sacred bath salts, I feel lighter, softer, sexier and overall, a healthier woman. I don’t know many products that can do that. Angie B.

Sacred Customer

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